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What is Network Marketing?

Companies like Walmart, BestBuy, AT&T & Verizon spends billions a year to advertise worldwide on Billboards, TV, Radio & more. A Network Marketing company skips the middle man & pays the customers to share. Example if you had AT&T & you happen to share it with someone, if they paid for the service would you have been paid? Absolutely not! How often have you enjoyed a great movie & the first thing you did was post it on Facebook or tell a friend? Who got paid once your friend watched the product (movie) ! Everyone but the person who recommended it! Our team enjoys wake up now & sharing it with others gets you paid not once but every month! Watch this quick video for a understanding from billionaire Robert Kiyosaki author of Rich Dad Poor Dad

I made this site for everyone in wake up now to use simply to make everyone job easier! The Dream Team works as a team to make everyone life easier personally & business! Learn the Products, Benefits & Income opportunity wake up now offers below

What exactly is WAKE UP NOW?

Wake Up Now is a company that offers major discounts on Vacations, car rentals, Groceries & a MarketPlace similar to Groupon & Amazon that allow you to search for discounts and cash back offers! Also, you will get 22% off on your AT&T Bill & 12% on your T-Mobile! Start keeping track of your gas & start receiving tax deductions on it, earning you more money back during tax season. Imagine someone stealing your Identity essentially putting your life on hold for personal gain. Wake up now offers a protection from theft saving you thousands with Identity Protection! Learn new languages, three free magazines per month & more!


  • AT&T & T-Mobile Cell Phone Discount -Through our corporate partnerships and agreements, Wakeupnow members enjoy a 22% discount on AT&T Wireless bills and a 12% discount on T-Mobile Wireless bills.This discount can be applied both to new accounts and existing accounts.
  • Grocery Discount -
    Wakeupnow’s grocery coupon section allows you to save hundreds of dollars a year by using coupons.  Unlike the coupons that come in your Sunday circular, no clipping is needed….just print out and take the coupons to your local supermarket to save.
  • Premium Discount - Wakeupnow’s premium discount area is where you can find exclusive deals to save you lots of money.  Everything from restaurants to department stores to movie tickets and more are on sale.  Enjoy steep discounts on the things that others pay full price for.
  • Wake up Now Hub – Allows you to shop and save on the wake up now marketplace! Also earn income read below for more information on how you can help people shop online & get paid to do it
  • Vacation Club – Saving on vacations up to 90%.


  • Tax Bot – Helps you keep track of your taxes from your phone!
  • Finance Tool – Helps you keep track of your finances & debt!
  • WUN Protect – Identity Protection!
  • TellMeMore – Wake up now language learning software!
  • Awaken Energy Drink (Thunder) – Wake up now very own healthy energy drink! 
  • Awaken Coffee – Wake up now very own healthy coffee! 
  • Awaken Trivani – Wake up now very own skin care product! 

How to earn income?

Two ways to get paid in wake up now Retail & Residual!

Wake up now pays you retail meaning everytime someone shops in wake up now marketplace you get paid!

Imagine Groupon or Amazon….Imagine enrolling hundreds into Groupon and every time they shop you get paid. Wake Up Now offers huge discounts in the HUB. You can enroll free customers under you & every time they shop you get paid! Who can say no to FREE! Giving you two ways to earn income with business owners & strictly customers!

Second way to get paid is Residual Income, Residual income pays you every month based off your efforts.

Earning income is simple. I could go into full detail but for now, I’ll just keep it simple. Enrolling three people who want to be apart of the business & enjoy the benefits will cover your monthly membership. When your Three enroll three also, you earn a monthly residual of $600, not one time but monthly! $100 a month for ALL these services or FREE FOREVER with just three active people! You probably thinking I can easily get my three enrollments but I HATE depending on others! Wake up now allows you to place people under others example


Imagine enrolling 12 today, you can literally place three under yourself & three under those three earning you $600 a month & helping three others obtain freedom! Now your job & the three below is to build down & help others get three with the placement system helping others earn $600 also while increasing your residual.


Team work makes the dream work this site is dedicated to get you the information about Wake Up Now so please get back to whoever sent you to this page after checking out some of the videos below. We have tons of training & a social site within our site to help you stay in contact! Once in you can also use this site & share the information with others with little effort from you!

How do I know Wake Up Now is Legit ?

I always tell people to look at the leadership running the company! Kirby Cochran best seller called Pillars of Inflection: Seven Fundamental Strategies for Explosive Company Growth! Next do your research if anything below are files personally researched for you! I have plenty of videos below showing proof on my success & many others! This isn’t an opportunity many want but actually need in their life!

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Please refer back to the person that sent you to this amazing opportunity for the referral link to sign up!

The video on the side tells you exactly how to sign up once you have the person referral link

Pay for the $99 package share the product & enjoy the benefits!

  • Who do I Enroll Under? Please enroll under the person that referred you to this page! DreamTeam is one big family no need to find a specific person
  • Why am I getting paid? Wake up now is a network marketing company meaning they skip the middle man (Advertisers) & pays the customers to share the service.
  • Will I get help? Yes we have a huge support system & team.
  • How does Wake up now pay me? They pay out on the 15th of every month Direct Deposit or to your Wake Up Now Visa Debit Card
  • How do I get started? Get back to the person who sent you to this site & retrieve their referral link
  • Will I have time to do this? Honestly you share products without taking the time out your day anyway this is no different. You only need three, & the fact you believe you don’t have much time to promote means this needs to work so that you can free more time up to enjoy life.
  • Does wake up now pay out once or monthly? $600 or more monthly depending on your team

Check out the different videos submitted by other members! The success average people see in this company is incredible! Remember we are all a team once you sign up feel free to use this site to get the word out! Make a video & submit it for upload even! Don’t let a opportunity thats literally changing thousands of lives be something you let go!